SIPRP assumes a commitment, aiming at the balance between its commercial objectives and the creation of value and respect for the individual (Customers, Collaborators, Suppliers and Partners), pursuing internal as well as external recognition, and in the market as a company.

Thus, SIPRP is committed to assure and to offer all the necessary resources for the implementation of this Politics in order to hold an efficient management of the Organization, based on values as Integrity, Solidarity, Idoneousness and Innovation.

We foment the contribution for the community where we are inserted on a daily basis, thinking about the future of the generations, current or future, supporting initiatives of social, educative, cultural and environmental, promoted internally or in partnership with external entities.

Our commitment is based on the following principles:

  • to respect and support in accordance with the internationally recognized human rights;
  • to encourage the promotion of justice and ethics based on the respect for the individual and his rights;
  • to promote values, culture and a model of sustainable management;
  • to demand confidence and rigour in the business relations and to repudiate any practices of corruption;
  • to promote the equality of rights and opportunities, the non-discrimination and the freedom of choice and of association;
  • to promote opportunities of work and personal and professional development with a just remunerative politics;
  • to honour the arrangements of the Convention no. 100 of the OIT referring to the principle of the equality of remuneration of men and women for work of equal value;
  • to stimulate the qualification and professional formation of our collaborators which allow  them to acquire abilities and knowledges;
  • to promote the maintenance of safe and healthy places of work;
  • to defend the existence of a more supportive and fairer society;
  • to promote and contribute to the preservation and respect for the Environment;
  • to defend the respect for the potential, characteristics, limitations and difficulties of each member of the team, treating all with equity, respect and dignity.