SIPRP has fully equipped medical facilities in Lisboa (SIPRP headquarters) where our Clinical Director specialized in Occupational Medicine is also available.

In addition, and because we provide H&S services throughout the country, we have a hired network of laboratory facilities which comply with all our quality demands.

There is also the possibility of providing the company with Occupational Doctor onsite, as long as the company gathers the required conditions regarding Medical Facilities, defined by the competent institution.

SIPRP´s Clinical Direction defines and develops medical protocols according to the risks to which workers are submitted to in their workplace and activity.

These protocols do not rule out the possibility of realisation of other exams in order to achieve a correct diagnosis, such as the need for exams according to risk factors of each activities like physical risk factors (noise, thermal stress, illumination), chemical risk factors (dusts, gases, vapors) or biological risk factors (bacteria, fungi, yeast), among others.