Due to its technical and human competence, SIPRP offers its clients a wide range of services, always taking into account the actual laws and principles of rigour, transparency and quality.

Some of our services are listed below:

Studies and Technical Analysis of Physical Agents (Illumination, Noise, Radiations, Thermal Environment and Vibrations)

- Studies of Luminance and Illuminance

- Studies of Occupational Noise

- Studies of Ionizing (X-rays) and Non-Ionizing (Computers Electromagnetic Fields) Radiations

- Studies of Thermal Comfort and Stress

- Studies of Vibrations


- Studies and Technical Analysis of Chemical Contaminants (Dust, Gases, Vapours, Liquids and Fumes)

- Dusts

- Volatile Organic Compounds, Formaldehyde and Nicotine

- Carbon Monoxide, Ozone, etc.


Studies and Technical Analysis of Biological Contaminants (Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi and Parasites)

- Analysis of Indoor Air Quality

- Legionella Pneumophila

- Microbiological exams (HVAC system)

- Studies of Air-Suspended Microorganisms



- Assessment of physical stress (workload / manual material handling, others)

- Workstation design and workstation adaptation

- Work Organization Redesign

- Workstation adaptation for population with special needs



- First Aid and Basic Life Support

- Health & safety at work awareness training

- PPE (Personal Protective equipments)

- Fire Fighting and Evacuation

- Manual material handling

- Mechanical handling of loads


Emergency Plans according to the new fire safety regulations

- Internal Emergency Plans

- Prevention Plans

- Intervention and Evacuation training (fire and emergency brigade)

- Fire and other emergency drills



- Health & safety Coordination on Construction sites

- Supplying Safety Signs