SIPRP is qualified to provide services in the context of Fire Safety (Safety Against Fire in Buildings - SCIE), for all standard usages and all risk categories, finding high value added solutions for the needs of its Customers, namely with respect to the protection of their assets and business continuity, always taking into account that the presented solutions should be the most efficient and effective.

We have the experience of a technical team that has, over recent years, developed these services in Office Buildings, School Centres and Day Nurseries, Shopping Centres, Hypermarkets, Logistics Platforms, Fuel Service Stations, among other buildings and precincts classified as being of 3rd and 4th risk category.

We consider that Fire Safety solutions are more than just a procedural formalism, that they can, and should, add value. For this reason, we seek and develop innovative solutions, namely in the following services:

  • Safety Plans (Administrative Devices, Safety Records, Prevention Plan/Procedures and Emergency Plan/Procedures);
  • Training and awareness-raising of the people involved (Head of Safety, Safety Delegate, Safety Station and Safety Team);
  • Training and simulation exercises (with or without the participation of civil protection agents);
  • Corporate manuals for project design, construction and operation;
  • Audits and Risk Analyses (initial and monitoring);
  • Fire risk management systems (compliant with BSI guidelines);
  • Mentoring and specific training of Safety Delegates for implementation of Self-Protection Measures;
  • Development of Safety Plan implementation solutions (safety video, manuals, e-learning, leaflets, posters, etc.);
  • Online availability of Safety Plans;
  • Periodic updating of Safety Plans;
  • Support in relations with the competent authorities (ANPC) in the preparation of regular and exceptional inspections.

The services we provide are in accordance with Decree-Law number 224/2015 of 9 October (Legal System for Safety Against Fire in Buildings – RJ-SCIE) and Implementing Order number 1532/2008 of 29 December (Technical Regulations for Safety Against Fire in Buildings – RT-SCIE), as well as all other applicable legislation.