We know how hard administrative management of Health and Safety service can be for a company, so SIPRP will be in charge of those tasks, simplifying the whole process.


Annual Safety, Hygiene and Health at Work Activity Report

Support in elaborating and delivering the Annual Safety and Hygiene activities report (Anexo D).


Appointment Scheduling

Throughout its communication and information platform, SIPRP is able to schedule occupational medicine appointments, whether they are admission, periodical or occasional medical appointments.

These medical appointments must be in compliance with legislation: annually for workers with ages under 18 or above 50 and every two years for all the other workers or, also with respect to specific legislation that may specify other occasion or periodicity in which they have to occur.


Online information

SIPRP website allows the company to check (at anytime) the services history (past appointments, scheduled appointments, absences, next appointments date, Aptitude Record, etc). This information is obviously confidential and does not imply any medical record (protected by professional secrecy), demanding the introduction of a password, which is previously sent to the company.


Information on legislation

SIPRP will be responsible for sending all the Portuguese and European Union Health and Safety legislation according to the client specific activities, following the agreed periodicity and whenever requested, keeping the company up to date to its legal obligations.



Quality control questionnaires will be carried out, both to workers as well as to responsible (internal company manager or H&S manager), aiming to improve or quickly intervene in any aspect which does not live to the company’s expectations. In training there will also be questionnaires for all trainees, and the result will be sent to the company, along with other documentation, as certificates, presence sheets, etc.