SIPRP assumes a global commitment, aiming at the Quality of its services, the defense of the Environment and the Security and Ergonomics at Work, with the objective to reach the Satisfaction of Customers, Collaborators, Suppliers and Partners, and the recognition in the market as a competitive company.

Thus, SIPRP is committed to assure and to give all the necessary resources for the implementation of this Politics, with sight to an efficient management of the Organization, based on values as Integrity, Idoneousness and Innovation:

  • To assure an environment of safe and healthful work for its Collaborators, applying the legislation and national and international normalization in vigor as well as Good Practical recognized for voluntary adhesion;
  • To promote the formation, information and consultation of the inherent risks to the activities of all the Collaborators, sensitizing them for the fulfilment of the security norms;
  • To assure adequate conditions of security, comfort and efficiency in all the installations and equipment where it plays its activity and where it is responsible for the supply of services;
  • To minimize the risks for the people and the environment which can occur due to the development of its activities;
  • To assure that relevant issues related to quality, protection of the environment, security and health at work are systematically kept in mind as well as incorporating all values and organizational culture;
  • To keep and to expand systems of management of the quality, the environment, the security and the health at work;
  • To establish as a principle of a continuous improvement, objectives of improvement and intermediate targets, evaluating cyclically the results obtained and introducing, whenever relevant, the necessary preventive or corrective actions;
  • To prevent, by all means to its reach, the occurrence of work accidents and occupational diseases (goal ZERO Accidents) to assure and to keep high standards of performance in what security and occupational health internally is concerned and as security and health at work service provider;
  • To promote the professional and personal development of its Collaborators, guaranteeing the adequacy of its abilities to the functions that they perform, promoting bigger levels of productivity, creativity, autonomy, initiative and responsibility;
  • To promote greater proximity with participants to improve the performance of SIPRP and the degree of satisfaction of its Customers, Suppliers and Partners, on the basis of a better knowledge of its necessities and expectations;
  • To manage the internal activity in accordance with the principles of the sustainable development in the economic, social and environmental domains;
  • To assure the evaluation of the application of the Politics of Quality, Environment and Security and to institute mechanisms of update and continuous improvement.