In order to offer this service, SIPRP provides a Health & Safety Technicians to ensure all activities at the company facilities throughout the country, namely:

-Assessing professional hazards and risk factors for each workstation or function, with direct quantification/evaluation of some factors (temperature, relative humidity, air velocity, noise levels and lighting;

-Elaborating of an Action Plan (regarding Occupational Risk Assessment report), listing all non-conformities and respective prevention and corrective measures proposed;

-Supporting the client by developing an internal emergency plan (including fire fighting, evacuation and first aid);

-Collaborating in the design of workplaces and work organization, as well as supporting the characterization and maintenance of working equipment;

-Assisting personal protective equipment supervision (supply, maintenance and conservation) as well as Health & safety related signs;

-Monitoring working conditions regarding workers in vulnerable situations;

-Health & Safety support information program (using the companies communications and information platform and communication channels);

-Training program design and development, regarding health and safety at work

-Supporting activities of H&S information and consultation of workers (and workers committee)

-Monitoring and promoting efficiency to the implementation of preventive measures;

-Data gathering regarding H&S Mandatory reports;

-Elaborating working accidents and professional disease reports and notifications;

-Supporting internal as well as external risk assessments;

-Investigating and analysing working accidents (elaborating and providing reports);

-Compilating and organizing statistical data concerning H&S.

The activities presented are carried out by technicians during audit and risk assessments.

SIPRP will carry out at least one risk assessment per year and per company site, elaborating one Risk assessment report and one Action Plan. This action plan (delivered to the internal company manager or H&S manager) aims to assist the client in implementing all preventive and corrective measures, defining schedules, responsible parties and/or deadlines.

Besides all services required by law, SIPRP has the human and technical ability to perform specific H&S evaluations, such as studies regarding Thermal Comfort, Indoor Air Quality Evaluation, Noise exposure, Iluminance as well as others like chemical or biological risk evaluation.

To meet these requirements, SIPRP has its own technical equipment, according to national and international standards, which is used in all work developed, by no means using outsourcing services (equipments or facilities by external entities).